Mornings aren’t what they used to be. I remember rising up and jumping out of bed, ready to face what ever was to come my way in the day. Now, I rise a little slower, basking in the feel of the bedsheets still wrapped around my body, stretching my fingers, my toes then my whole self out to hear the little crackles and pops.

I lie in and think about what the day might bring, and prioritize what needs done first and foremost. This is so I can carve out time to relax before the evening comes, as now I need time to reflect more, to allow my self to transition from the doing to be being again. Oh, where has all that fire and energy gone?

These days, I am grateful for the mornings, for the space between pre-dawn and the heralding of the sun. The slow awakening, the creeping light and the time to sip a quiet cup of coffee. No longer a time to get moving, but a time to contemplate and build expectancy. This slowing down of the pace of life seemed to start only this year. I have always been so driven, so ready to take on anything, so full of verve and vim that I felt catapulted all the way to noon from sunrise. Often by the evening I was still running at half-speed, at the least, and winding down only before the wee hours. No time to appreciate, no time to wonder, to be in awe of that gorgeous light building on the horizon to finally burst into being-ness and illuminate the world. There was time to do it all, time eternal.

Oh, mornings, why did I wait so long to discover your secrets, how the flowers smell so much sweeter when covered in a diamond blanket of morning dew? The morning garden is so full of expectation, the birds chitter and sing as if they are happy to be alive, the air is cool and the plants awaken along with us to greet the day. Nothing is yet hurried or important, the world will wait awhile.

Welcome to the Crone’s Garden

This page invites the wisdom of all women, of all ages and stages of life. What we learn throughout our passage here on this earth is what creates the seed within us that we leave behind us when we go. Where do we go? We all have our own perspective on that, and that is ok, no one will be shamed here for having your own vision, your own truth, for that is what we were put here to discover. Our own unique and valuable purpose and place. Through your comments we can share our joys, and our sorrows, and our triumphs. We can express our failures and fears with this process of aging, of living, of becoming. We can celebrate our successes and our life transitions. Most of all, though, I would like you to share your own inner wisdom. What I share is my own, it is mine to hold, but it’s not all. I look forward to learning about you, who you are, and what wisdom life has imparted to you. What one person has to share may impact someone else, give them hope, help them see their purpose. We all have a special reason for being, we are women, glorious and special and lovable and desirable. We have something to grow, something to tend and seed to leave behind.